Shamanic Healing Session

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Shamanic Healing Session
I meet with the client in a comfortable setting. I have a massage table set up and I invite them to lie on the table on their back with a pillow under their head and knees. I put several blankets on them as the body temperature may drop during the session. I then proceed with a small ceremony clearing the client's energy centers and inviting the Helping Spirits to come and help me during the session. The next part of the healing process is spent clearing the client's physical, etheric and spiritual energy fields. This is done with the help of both my and the client's Spirit Helpers. While rattling with my left hand, I pass my right hand over their energy fields, removing attachments, clearing old energy wounds, and reviving and refreshing the whole energy system. Any discarded energy is sent to a body of water where it is neutralized. This part of the process can take an hour or more to complete.

At the third stage I drum over the client, calling in new life and power for their Being. I then kneel next to them and with my arm touching theirs, I drum myself into a Shamanic journey. In the journey I visit their Spirit Helpers and ask for their assistance in healing the client. These Helpers will often give me information and energy to return to the client. The information will be regarding an issue or problem facing them or perhaps the Guides will offer support and direction needed to navigate life more easily. The energy returned will be a form of power that will energize and vitalize the client's mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, and is blown into their heart and head on my return from the journey. The last part of the session is a closing ritual and sharing of the information received during the journey with the client.

I record the information shared at the end of the session so the client may review it at a later date.
The length of the session may vary from 60-75 minutes. My fee is $120/hour. Pay for Session

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