Soul Reading

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Soul Reading
I meet with the client in a comfortable setting. Facing one another, I ask the client to give me their attention with eye contact. I then tune into their Auric field and ask their guides and mentors to come around and show me the Essence of their Individual Being. This information will come through three primary sources: Metaphoric images which tell stories about the inner nature of the client; Guides and Personalities who visually show up and who may be "reincarnational selves," or friends from alternate dimensions, helpers that are part the client's support team; The Bank of Guides, a group of guides that work with the individuals and communicate with me auditorially, whereby I relay to the client what they are saying.

The first half of the reading is the direct reflection of the client's larger Self back to them. These readings often offer insights and awareness that lay under the surface consciousness. I have regularly witnessed that an active affirmation of a client's gifts can bring a self confidence and faith in their innate abilities to the forefront of their personalities. The second half of the reading is taken up with a question and answer period. The client may ask questions about what they heard in the reading or any other question they would like their guides to offer insight into. The guides always remind me that any questions about the future are going to receive probable answers as the future is not fixed.

I usually record the session for the client so they many review the information at a later date.
The length of the session may vary from 60-75 minutes. My fee is $120/hour. Pay for Reading

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